The College has qualified and experienced faculty is available in the specialities, Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Conservative, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Pathology, Community Dentistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology., assisted by qualified technicians, Dental Hygienists, Dental Technicians and Nurses supported by Non-teaching staff and administrative staff.

Dr.K.Nanda Kumar MDS
A renowned dental professional with more than 15 years of experience, he was a gold medalist from OU and PG from the prestigious BHU. He is an exminer for RGUHS & Dr.NTRUHS for many years.

Active member of IDA, he is also Present of Lions Club of Nizamabad, He won 3 International awards in JAYCEES for his leadership, free dental camps and service.

Dental Faculty

Prosthodontics, Crown & Bridge
1Dr. N.V. VasudhaProfessor & Hod
2Dr. M. MallikarjunProfessor
3Dr. K. Satyendra KumarProfessor
4Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy.AProfessor
5Dr. B. NageshReader
6Dr. P. Anil KumarReader
7Dr. Veerendra Prasad.BSr.Lecturer
8Dr. Bhanu Chander VayadadiSr.Lecturer

Oral Pathology & Microbiology
1Dr. Sushma NaagProfessor
2Dr. B. Shoba RaniReader
3Dr. Esther Priyadarshini.SReader
4Dr. Deepa. CSr.Lecturer

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
1Dr. K. Nanda KumarDean, Professor & Hod
2Dr. M. Pratap KumarPrincipal, Professor
3Dr. P. Sambashiva RaoProfessor
4Dr. Anand RamtheerthSr.Lecturer
5Dr. L. KarthikSr.Lecturer
6Dr. M. VinuthnaSr.Lecturer
7Dr. S. SandeepSr.Lecturer
8Dr. G. Sai RamSr.Lecturer
9Dr. Bhasker. NSr.Lecturer
10Dr. Kavitha ParshiLecturer
11Dr. Syed Ameer Ul HassanLecturer

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
1Dr. M. Suresh KumarProfessor & Hod
2Dr. K. AmarnathProfessor
3Dr. Gundu MaheshwarReader
4Dr. VisalakshiReader
5Dr. M. Anil Kumar ReddySr.Lecturer
6Dr. V. SanthoshSr.Lecturer
7Dr. Karthik Reddy. KSr.Lecturer
8Dr. Abhishek Reddy. NSr.Lecturer

1Dr. Mopur James ManoharProfessor & Hod
2Dr. C. Hemachandra BabuProfessor
3Dr. Vinay ChavanReader
4Dr. E. ManaswiniSr.Lecturer
5Dr. Aravind Kumar. ASr.Lecturer
6Dr. Yalamanchi LohithSr.Lecturer
7Dr. B. Ganga ReddySr.Lecturer
8Dr. Kosuru KranthiSr.Lecturer
9Dr. Laxman BoyapatiSr.Lecturer
10Dr. G. Praveen KumarSr.Lecturer
11Dr. Vanga Sindhuri ReddySr.Lecturer

1Dr. E. Seena NaikProfessor & Hod
2Dr. M. Thirumal NaikProfessor
3Dr. B. Santosh ReddyReader
4Dr. Azharuddin. MdSr.Lecturer
5Dr. P. Durga KeerthiSr.Lecturer
6Dr. Ibtisam ShaikSr.Lecturer
7Dr. P. ManishSr.Lecturer
8Dr. B. AnkushSr.Lecturer
9Dr. Meera SindolsSr.Lecturer

1Dr. P.V. Ravindranath ReddyProfessor
2Dr. E. Hanmanth ReddySr.Lecturer
3Dr. Parsa ArunSr.Lecturer
4Dr. Gangumolu V S KishoreSr.Lecturer

Oral Medicine & Radiology
1Dr. A. Shailender ReddyProfessor & Hod
2Dr. T. Harsha VardhanProfessor
3Dr. B. Jaya KrishnaReader
4Dr. G. Shirisha RaniReader
5Dr. G. MadhulathaSr.Lecturer
6Dr. Shakuntala Soujanya. VSr.Lecturer
7Dr. Shilpa KuravattiSr.Lecturer
8Dr. Charan Raj. KSr.Lecturer
9Dr. NagabhushanamSr.Lecturer
10Dr. J.K. Singh KshatriSr.Lecturer
11Dr. Yerawar Prachi PrakashLecturer

Public Helath Dentistry
1Dr. M. Arun ShyamReader
2Dr. Hvn. Sai KrishnaSr.Lecturer

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